Bye dad.

SOLD SOLD SOLD. Goodbye Stallion III.

The Lomographic embassy have kindly gifted me a copy of this monster 3.7kg epic for my efforts and contributions to the wondrous LC-A world of supersaturated, fuzzy vintage analogue photography. It is currently in transit from Vienna, hopefully arriving next week.

What a lovely early Christmas present :D

LC - A Big Book of Lomography featuring Rachel’s glorious efforts.

Drums of Death…

MK1 golf rear drum brakes

Discs of Doom…

MK1 golf rear mk4 disc brakes

after what seems like quite a while… It’s gone from this

Mk1 golf 1.1 dirty engine bay

- to this…

MK1 golf cleeeeeen engine bay

- to this…

MK1 golf steering rack in engine bay

zentral Krap / We Are Central Park poster;

Quite what a design studio needed with a Steam Buggy I don’t know, but Lee has now relocated it back to our house.

edition 38 vw show gallery 2008;

Checkin’ out the underside of a knackered Mk3 ;)

Poor old Morris.

zentral Krap / We Are Central Park lighters;

Girl on Boy, Mars on Tornado, Chartreuse on School uniform, Chartreuse on brake dust and Hearing aid on Sunshine.

Hit the contact button if you want one, or steal one out of my handbag when I’m not looking.

after a session of wet weekends, a mk4 caliper’d rear beam is now ready. (for eagle eye’d viewers, yes, i don’t have any pads yet!)

Freshly inspired by a ‘first class’ (lol) trip to Wolfsburg, Elvis is now rocking a fetching broom yellow door and Bundespost decals.

zentral Krap / We Are Central Park Sticker styles;

zentral Krap / We Are Central Park Sticker styles;

zentral Krap / We Are Central Park Sticker styles;

Slime green, Satin beige, Mars red and the rest, let us know if you want some.

Freshly rescued from scrap oblivion… (+)

zentral Krap balloon race kamel;

Click the pic to pay the Zentral Krap Kamel a visit to top up the air tanks and help it fly further… free stickers and badges for everyone who gives it a boost, which can’t be bad.

MK1 Golf GTD Downpipe;

another thing off the lizt.


Fresh Bearin’z
Fresh coat o’ cuztom gun metal ‘ammerite
Other fresh bitz to come soon.

Freshly delivered today, courtesy of Royal Snail (with an additional £12.40 customs charge of course!), is my new Missing Linkz kit from the US of A. All parts well engineered and pre-lubed; just how I like em’ ;)

Also in the postbag this morning were some nice poly bushes and a spiffing pedal box from a Rocco. The parts mountain continues to grow.


edition 38 vw show gallery 2007;

Good guys don't wear white;

Small but perfectly formed…

Well finally, after a couple of weeks of whinging, stropping and swearing, Elvis has obtained a fresh new MOT! Wooo!
Props to L & R for moral and physical help (and Wayne too for the drum brake adjustment tutorial he posted this time last year ;) )

Off to get some nice new ‘Rocco seats tmoz as a treat for the rhinestoned old chap!