27 today n’ still going… ~sound of a party-popper~

I’d like to give a big ‘props’ out to the chappie in GSF Nottingham, I believe his name is Shaun.

Not only did he help me out with advice for my Franken-Caddy but he managed to find a pre - 1980 CV joint ‘out the back’ and give it to me gratis!!

What a thoroughl;y nice chap!

I think he said he’s going to be at E38 this year - so if I see him then there’s an ice cold (or tepid perhaps) beer waiting for him!

Pop along to Chatsworth house on the 25th June for a very nice afternoon of trees, grass, sheep, a stately home, and a fair few VW’s old and new.

The Webiste
The Flyer (Download)

A bunch of chipper chaps doing the OEM+ thing to the VAG stuff in a relaxed fashion. No big fanfare, no bells and whistles, just unselfconscious cars, perfectly executed (almost).


A super relaxed chap with just the right attitude. Jesse Hails from Australia, but travels extensively, we caught up with him in London and introduced him to the delights of the post pub Donna kebab. Check out the photographic record of his recent world tour, and try not to get itchy feet.

Heres to a true CP Companion.


Looking for some inspiration from the streets of NY City?

You are? awesome, then take a look at Clint’s site, he’s a Freelancer creative, and overall good guy residing in Brooklyn NY. He records a lot of NY’s finest street art. His site is currently in flux, and i just know his photo archive is gonna get better n’ better. Look out for a CP Dubs in NY photo mission special coming soon.

One of our Fav’s ~ big up’s dood, and mad props for all yr help along the way yo.