A Wet Weekend in Wollaton

Lee had just finished drying off the car with the chamois when it started to rain. Unperturbed by the now torrential downpour, we splashed our way over to Wollaton hall in a cloud of road spray.

We arrived fashionably late, and joined the back of the CGTi Nottingham convoy into the Hall, to find that the nice bit of grass were we normally park had been shut. Everyone arranged themselves very neatly in the car park, then broke out the umbrellas, and overcoats. I grabbed a few photos, with James providing the necessary shelter with his oversized pro golf umbrella. Across the road, shelter, warmth, a glass of red wine, and an unnecessarily high table did it’s best to take my mind off the persistent drizzle. People got themselves comfortable, and while they dried off, I started mentally writing this.

A very big thanks to everyone who made the huge effort to come along, I just wish I could have made the sun shine for you all.

Central Park 05 Gallery


  1. oh boy, it rained hard aright - we didn’t deserve such a soaking, pah!

    20:49 / Sun 28.08.05

  2. all that polishing for a drive in the rain, glad someone took some photos before we took cover in the pub

    22:44 / Tue 30.08.05

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