Central Park 06;


  1. Wow, what a surprise… it was a great turnout, which gave us all a warm reminder of our first meet, where it all started. It’s nice to see new people, fresh cars, and often unexpected ones at that, especially the 3 beetles! Theres deffo something good going on around this way, and its good to see it all pull together. Its you that makes the meet!

    23:30 / Mon 31.07.06

  2. amazing meet!!!

    thanks for helping me fix my car!!!!

    23:54 / Mon 31.07.06

  3. nice pix.

    but seriously … there seems to be some really good weather over there.

    Sorry I couldn’t make it this time.

    00:44 / Tue 01.08.06

  4. Staggering shots as always R! Was a great afternoon with lots of friendly people, nice cars and only a modicum of caddy envy ;)

    07:23 / Tue 01.08.06

  5. Was a good meet, photos look wicked! Perhaps need something more regular round these parts tho.

    08:02 / Tue 01.08.06

  6. -p0;6c mbm,l.n.l,ijkgft c vb k l;

    Jordan (the 7 month old nephew)
    09:03 / Tue 01.08.06

  7. I can’t get enough of the coffee coloured caddy!! PERFECTO!!

    16:06 / Tue 01.08.06

  8. Hey,
    Really enjoyed the meet! The weather was perfect and the turnout was amazing! Its always great to see other people’s ideas. The photos are great, Im well proud that my car (J623ANW) got featured, it looks like a minter rather than the nail that it is in real life! You even managed to get me & my girlfriend Amanda in the background smooching as always! Cant wait til next time, take it easy.

    12:27 / Wed 02.08.06

  9. Hey Rich, cheers for coming along. Glad you liked the pic of your mk2… Rach thinks that is particularly cute pic! :)

    BTW - Just out of interest, how did you guys hear about the meet?

    23:11 / Wed 02.08.06

  10. Richie Racer (owner of the rat-look Scirroco) gave me a flyer just before we went to the previous meet at Chatsworth! Does Rach sell hard copies of her photographs? Me & Amanda think its a great picture. Hope to see you all real soon! Oh and if anyone knows where I can source a decent set of window regulators for a late Mk2 for a reasonable price that’d be v helpful as I cant put my Edition One doorcards in without electric windows!

    11:48 / Thu 03.08.06

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