Edition 38 2006;

Edition 38 2006;


  1. Rinnie & Rickey. Love it. Silver-halide-tastik Ms.L!

    00:47 / Thu 07.09.06

  2. owww!! i wanna go back..my eyes are still stinging looking at the log fire pics. a great weekend captured i think,nice one

    08:25 / Thu 07.09.06

  3. “Great Pix”

    13:16 / Thu 07.09.06

  4. great pix, love the fish eye lens.. bet it was interesting navigating the Jetski in the field with all that ground clearance…!

    21:28 / Thu 07.09.06

  5. Updated E38 gallery - I found another roll of shot film in my camera bag.

    00:37 / Sat 09.09.06

  6. Awesome piccies as per usual! :)

    20:01 / Mon 11.09.06

  7. crackin photos, mines the caddy mr roast took a shot of from the rear bed, i could tell even on the small shot just by the state of it. he he. cheers hope to see you about nottingham.

    21:05 / Wed 13.09.06

  8. Hey guys. E38 was an awesome weekend! Sadly my Mk2’s held up in Ady’s workshop undergoin quite a few changes atm so I couldnt take it which I was a little upset about but I know it’s gonna be worth it! Of all the thousands of people that were there we managed to bump into Lee & Rachel although I was disappointed that your dad (John) wasn’t there in his new Jetta! haha. Anyways, hope everyone had a good of a time as I did… Look forward to the next Central Park meet whereever and whenever that maybe… and hopefully I’ll be in my Golf rather than the back of someone else’s…. easy now.

    Richie Rich
    09:50 / Sun 17.09.06

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