elsecar vw show gallery 2007;


  1. i dunno! 2 weeks an no comments,lets get it rolling. another nice set of photos,probs taken on some old rickety piece of soviet photographic contraption.i love the green tt,i could stare at the arse end of that all day.top banannananananana’s rach

    19:27 / Mon 23.04.07

  2. TT’s rule, I’v decided now.

    19:43 / Mon 23.04.07

  3. Hi Rach! Really nice photos of my grey TT! Did see u at a glimps with that weird buzzin photographic contraption over my car!heheheh
    Love it…keep it up, and have u catch u up soon at the next show! oh hope u like my low grey TT. Norm

    20:57 / Tue 24.04.07

  4. just ran through all the pics from Elsecar, and wat I can say is, the pics are stunning! Now I know how u got those 180degree pics;-)
    Oh and it makes my car stunning with the colour enhancment!!Love it!

    21:26 / Tue 24.04.07

  5. Norm you fruit loop :D glad you like the pics.

    See you at a show soon, we need to discuss your interior retrim ;)

    22:01 / Tue 24.04.07

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