Well finally, after a couple of weeks of whinging, stropping and swearing, Elvis has obtained a fresh new MOT! Wooo!
Props to L & R for moral and physical help (and Wayne too for the drum brake adjustment tutorial he posted this time last year ;) )

Off to get some nice new ‘Rocco seats tmoz as a treat for the rhinestoned old chap!


  1. ahhhh, i love it when a plan comes together™

    ~starts smoking cigar

    12:14 / Mon 21.05.07

  2. Dave, your patience with that thing is without question.

    15:29 / Mon 21.05.07

  3. Aye true! Elvis has been patient with me aswell though! I see any time spent as an investment to the showcar underneath!

    19:01 / Mon 21.05.07

  4. Caddy’s never die, They are merely transferred, and transformed.

    15:46 / Wed 23.05.07

  5. nice one roastie! another 356 days of confused onlookers staring at the rotten elvis wing of power no doubt.

    18:46 / Wed 23.05.07

  6. jon - true, elvis is slowly reverting to his natural state of being, rust!

    wayne - sadly Mr.MOT defied the ArtWing™ and so The King is now sporting two slightly ill fitting pattern part fenders! Never the less they will be encrusted in some fashion to carry on the spirit of the bejewelled behemoth! Uh-huhh, thankyou very much.

    22:37 / Wed 23.05.07

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