Whilst you’re enjoying the Aussie sunshine just think about what you could have won ;)


  1. i cant believe it!! whilst i am staggering in from the freezin cold with a dirty kebab an chips,your waking up in the sunshine n scratchin the family jewels watchin bully!keep us updated hombre!

    01:12 / Sat 29.04.06

  2. Yikes! i’m spent! bullseye in it’s full 80’s-tastick glory… what was bully’s special prize - what was it tell me tell me tell me :D

    btw -any chance you could record an episode and send it over via the net - jesse has gotta see this!

    09:14 / Sat 29.04.06

  3. will try and find an episode online dood ;)

    10:53 / Sat 29.04.06

  4. awesome! :D

    11:15 / Sat 29.04.06

  5. B.F.H!

    “It`ll take me a while to count it out..come back after the break”

    20:32 / Sun 27.08.06

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