Our man in NYC (well Brooklyn, to be precise, and not annoy him), just let us know about the Gypsy Cab Project, a PR jolly that Volkswagen USA instigated to try and discover what it is that makes city driving a unique experience (and sell some cars). They gave a chap called Steve a black MK5 Rabbit with some rather snazzy yellow livery, and he set about giving anyone - who was brave enough to jump in - a free ride to their destination, in exchange for an insight into there thoughts.

He grabbed a few quick ‘n’ dirty phonecam pics for us whilst out in search of a nice cup of lapsang souchong last night…

gypsy cab project Mk5 golf

gypsy cab project Mk5 golf

gypsy cab project Mk5 golf

… and the rest of the story is over HERE. Nice one Clint.


  1. just needs a huge great big caravan being towed to complete the gypo look and poss some highway maintenance stickers on the back window.

    19:32 / Fri 13.10.06

  2. ah nice! glad u got em dood…and actually they were taken with my nikon coolpix p3 vr, and the shakes were compliments of the starbucks that I had just prior to that lol.

    21:08 / Thu 19.10.06

  3. Hehe, yeah i knew you would have taken them with a proper camera ;) and they are technically perfect - dirty phonecam pics sounds on-the-hoof-cool thats all :D

    Cheers for being our word on the streets of NY brotha!

    21:37 / Thu 19.10.06

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