1. As a few more of my friends hit the magic number… i’m safe in the knowledge that i have another 6 months left ;) hehe

    Happy 30th commies… save a’little cake for me…

    10:21 / Thu 30.11.06

  2. Two dudes, one birthday.

    Have a very chipper day, and try not to singe your eyebrows when you blow out all those candles :D

    10:28 / Thu 30.11.06

  3. woooah! i switched on this morning as i awoke from my slumber,to be greeteed with this….,wow,an thanx guys……happy 30th to you too sam,have a lovely day….x

    wayne (more wiser than ever)
    10:49 / Thu 30.11.06

  4. happy 30th wayne!

    I feel old!
    Have a good un!

    12:55 / Thu 30.11.06

  5. Ahoy shipmates.last nites birthday bash went quite nicely,with some great tunes an of course the obligatory b day cigar ;) We are currently bobbin up an down in the english channel,testin out my poncy nokia phone an abusing the free wifi connection on our norfolk line crossin. A first for the krapness.

    16:15 / Sun 03.12.06

  6. ha! thanks for a great party dude, great to see everyone - hope the boat’s yellow for you lee and you’ve found your sea legs!!! have an awesome time guys!

    22:48 / Sun 03.12.06

  7. Hey Dom! yep, t’was yellow all the way bud ;) had a great journey both there n’ back (i think this may have something to do with the opportunity to play on GT4 (squirrel attack vol.9 in Rachel’s case) on the PS2, gratis, hehe) The trip was ace, and as always, its nice to be back.

    BTW - was great to catch up with you dude.

    21:05 / Fri 08.12.06

  8. hey dude, how you doing? sounds like you guys had a blast, especially getting the royal treatment and getting backstage sneaky peaks at a truly awesome machine i hear…! great moves with the mellow yellow - sounds like one worth sticking with! catch up with you guys when you’re next down on the costa!

    23:03 / Mon 11.12.06

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