Last weekend we did a bit of this…


  1. kite flying?

    ihcra chic
    18:46 / Sat 16.12.06

  2. woah, what the hell…where did you pop up from :)

    its not so much a kite, more of a Tesco carrier bag in a a strong wind… however, that was then… but now, we’ve armed ourselves with some decent flexifoil’s ;)

    19:31 / Sat 16.12.06

  3. better late than never huh! yeah we are armed n dangerous now,well when i say dangerous….more to ourselves really.
    that tesco bag sure has a lot to answer for.

    11:24 / Sun 17.12.06

  4. Looked like time-lapsed staggering =)

    00:45 / Wed 20.12.06

  5. Meska yr not far wrong! :)

    09:40 / Wed 20.12.06

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