Small but perfectly formed…


  1. Where on earth did you get that! Ive been looking for a toy caddy for years!

    16:10 / Mon 04.06.07

  2. love the 245/70 15 slick tyres ya got there.

    19:16 / Mon 04.06.07

  3. jon - got it of eBay - made by Siku (a German company i think). it was originally silver/orange interior but has been professionally resprayed by a reptuable bodyshop (lol) in Alpine white with black truckbed, it’s also been retrimmed with luxury GTi black interior!

    wayne - hehe, I’m trying to approximate the bulbous baja/paris-dakkar tyre look! let’s offroad!!!!

    19:34 / Mon 04.06.07

  4. I can see the workmanship is excellent. Quality bodyshop’s are hard to come by these days! I will be hunting for one of these little gems myself.

    08:14 / Tue 05.06.07

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