1. you sure?

    00:00 / Fri 08.09.06

  2. cherry wine……..nah nah!

    01:04 / Fri 08.09.06

  3. I may have had one of those slightly cock-eyed, skew wiffed moments ~hick

    07:16 / Fri 08.09.06

  4. lol - a boozee post eh?!

    09:46 / Fri 08.09.06

  5. dood… you should know the score by now… everyone needs to do a booooo-zee-dooo post from time-to-time ;) however, i have to confess to liking the track in question


    12:59 / Fri 08.09.06

  6. errrr so i get home, and errrr, the vid has kinda changed (don’t ask me why)

    I guess if you look closely, it does have a guest appearance by one of MrsRoast’s Goldies swimming about looking bored. Probably in search of his agent… you can just imagine the convfishsation…

    ~Bubbles~ why the dickens do i have to be in this vid?!?!? I was hoping for something a little more moby dick ~more bubbles, but this time a little more frustrated than the last batch~

    17:20 / Fri 08.09.06

  7. ooooo damn, you’re too late… comments out-a-date.

    i may be getting carried away (who knows) but i like it… this latest vid is a good ‘un, but probably something out-o-date, and over seen already for all you web ferrets out there. Whatever the case, its definitely food for the optical nerve. Enjoy.

    21:00 / Fri 08.09.06

  8. wowser! how good is that vid.i like it.kinda makes me feel like joining a gym.pah!! gotta be time for some classic guns n roses soon me thinks??

    21:15 / Fri 08.09.06

  9. damn it! out of date already! i feel sick…please no more men in pants….ever!

    21:17 / Fri 08.09.06

  10. ere we go again…. welcome to Tube Snatch™

    21:18 / Fri 08.09.06

  11. ‘Tube Snatch™’ that sounds so wrong… yet so right

    21:30 / Fri 08.09.06

  12. Oooooh-kay, on a serious note…. these ol’ animations created for the Big Bird & Co.™ are truely inspirational, and waaaaaayyyyy ahead of their time.


    18:03 / Sat 09.09.06

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