Im off to look at a late MK2 16v now, hopefully is going to be better that all the other junk that people are banding about as ‘mint’ but turns out to be no such thing. Wish me luck.

elsecar vw show gallery 2007;

The much desired ZentralKrap™ badges have finally left the stable and have winged their way to the makers. Expected delivery approx. 2 weeks. Get your purses of monies ready!

ultimate dubs show gallery 2007;

The lure of attention seeking obnoxious kerazy ermherican girls called meghan and lonley inner city indie boys is just too much, so Zentral Krap now has a Myspace profile here. We will be filling it with, and redirecting the all kinds of random stuff that floats by our collective being, as and when.

If you want to add us as a friend, just hit the button, we ain’t fussy.

Schwartz metallic 16v Mk2 Golf;

VW Rabbit pick up Truck;

Zentral Krap desktops;

In 1680×1050 big grin widescreen format & 1024×768 tip top laptop resolution

Essen Motorshow 06;

Jimmy says Jonnies Jetta is on it’s way over the water. All, (and the dealership) are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the super pimped, booted beauty… with baby Recaro.


With barely nothing left other than 4 rollers and a lump, Liam’s hardcore arse-kart came face-to-face with the Grim Reaper, ending, crumpled …but… We hear its not all over. Liam being Liam, has flicked the V’s, knicked his scyth, and will be back soon in something suitably Sheffield.

It’ll be reet.

RIP Polo

KAT was cool

RIP Polo

RIP Polo

Our man in NYC (well Brooklyn, to be precise, and not annoy him), just let us know about the Gypsy Cab Project, a PR jolly that Volkswagen USA instigated to try and discover what it is that makes city driving a unique experience (and sell some cars). They gave a chap called Steve a black MK5 Rabbit with some rather snazzy yellow livery, and he set about giving anyone - who was brave enough to jump in - a free ride to their destination, in exchange for an insight into there thoughts.

He grabbed a few quick ‘n’ dirty phonecam pics for us whilst out in search of a nice cup of lapsang souchong last night…

gypsy cab project Mk5 golf

gypsy cab project Mk5 golf

gypsy cab project Mk5 golf

… and the rest of the story is over HERE. Nice one Clint.

Last weekend we did a bit of this…

Hello all - Mr&MrsRoast here with an update from the U.S of A!!

We’re currently in the Apple store off Market St haveing a whale of a time leaving Zentral Krap over as many pooters as poss!

Stay tuned for more action as it comes!

In preparation for the assault on the States MrRoast has decided upon his weapon of choice. Think Geoff-man from Byker Grove crossed with one of the blokes from Zulu.

Bring it on - an Englishman in Vegas. Viva Zentral Krap!

SouthYorkshireDubs September 06;

The blackness around the nails says it all really. Central Lee has yet another year of ups n downs ahead of him, and phew, am i happy… yes folks, it passed! not quite sure how, but its probably due to the ancient powers of greyskull or something. Whatever the case, it means nothing but everything to me :)

E38 Showdown and shine on.

It was another September, it was another Edition 38, it was another over excited build up to the last show of the season, it was the verge of the best show of the season. It was time to stop fannying about, and get seriously daft…


What will those kerayzee Eastern chaps do next?!!?! Just plain weird

Rachels Photonika submission

I’ve just been accepted into the Photonika exhibition in Cologne. One of my Lomographic images will be gracing the biggest Lomowall ever created very soon at Cologne exhibition center 26th Sept - 1st Oct

Lomography for those who don’t know is Lo-fi analogue photography with little old russian cameras. My Lomohome is here

Ok… so I’m driving along on a road test with my new apprentice of 3 weeks, we approach and overtake a slow moving dust cart. This is all fine until my new tea maker goes

“my mate’s a dustman………….he gets to keep whatever he finds”

hmmmm I think?? I can see there may be some gems to be found (I must confess to a certain amount of skip dipping in magazine printers, and VW parts dept’s in my younger days), It was his next remark however, that nearly had me driving into a ditch with shock….

“yeah! he got a fish skin hat one day”

Edition 38 2006;

Edition 38 2006;