gone to edition 38


With the Rabbit truck safe in the hands of it’s new owner, I had no excuse but to crack on with the new project i had stashed away the previous year. Like a pirate an his burried booty the time had come for me to dig out the sorry looking booted wonder.

Six months later, and what started out as a quick tidy about, has ended up a bit posher than I was planning. A few traumas, a few lucky finds, and a fair few late nights have got me this far. It’s all good, and it’s ready to roll.

It is a sad day for all. Chumpy, the paradigm of the fancy fish, has passed away. No more will his boggle-eyed black form be seen swimming beneath Log or bobbing buoyantly to the surface. We will miss you.

David Shrigley's Central Park poster;

The International superstar artist David Shrigley has produced one of his famously skew-whif and perhaps borderline frightening posters for us. Staring Tyrannosaurus-Beadle and some other dinosaurs in wigs, it invites everyone over to our side of the campsite at E38 for a small glass of celebratory sherry. The original text read…

‘Hello everyone a small celebratory drinks ‘n’ that doo going on at about ten past nine on friday evening at edition thirty eight to celebrate our recent success at securing site of the month in pvw so come over yeah and bring your own sausage. Ta.’

…but you know what artists are like, so it doesn’t make a huge amount of sense anymore (if it ever did). Click on the Bronto-skinhead to have a look at the full majesty of his creation.

27 today n’ still going… ~sound of a party-popper~

Lee Mk1 Caddy;


We were away for a long weekend, it was supposed to be a trip to Mania, but on the Wednesday before, the Caddy started loosing oil. Rather than sitting around sulking about what could have been, Lee and I went down to Bournemouth to see Wayne, and do lots of non car stuff.

Saturday afternoon, I get a text message telling me to get a copy of PVW urgently… so there we were, in Borders at 7pm, I went off to leaf through Graphotism, and Lee gets distracted by something with Kate Moss on the cover… meanwhile, Wayne gets on with the job in hand, and up goes a ‘no way’

It made what could have been a bit of a flat weekend into a far more satisfying experience, and gave us a perfect excuse to do daft stuff. Thank you, it was cool.

Welcome to our new corner - Zentral Krap All Stars.

So, you’re wondering what this is all about right? Well, let me (lee) try and explain. It breaks down a little like this…

You are not what you own.

Be prepared for a collection of fine people, and of course their cars - all expertly photographed by our resident light surgeon. (Rachel)

Nice n’fresh, and coming soon.
Keep em peeled suckers, and enjoy.


Central Park 06;

Had a moment to sort a few things out on the truck… it goes a little somethin’ like this…

Reversing Lights - Check!
Tranny oil drippin’ out of the speedo cable hole - Check!
Brake light wiring loom - Check!

and probably most importantly of all…

Radiator fan - Oh yesh, Check!

and a bit of fancy just because i felt pleased with myself…

Rear light M3 style flip - Check!

Ahhhh, now that feels good. Just gotta find some time to get the welder out now.

SouthYorkshireDubs July 06;


*Forced rat is NOT cool.

I’d like to give a big ‘props’ out to the chappie in GSF Nottingham, I believe his name is Shaun.

Not only did he help me out with advice for my Franken-Caddy but he managed to find a pre - 1980 CV joint ‘out the back’ and give it to me gratis!!

What a thoroughl;y nice chap!

I think he said he’s going to be at E38 this year - so if I see him then there’s an ice cold (or tepid perhaps) beer waiting for him!

recently at the garage i have started to notice that approximatley half of the old dudes that use us for repairs, all seem to wreek of t.c.p! what exactly are they doing with it? maybe it’s some trick they learnt as a kid,when aftershave wasn’t available? or does it disguise the fact that they have been down the pub all day? i dunno but i am starting to get really bugged by it.

Considering what Australia had to face in Group F, i’m chuffed to bits that they made it through to the next round - phew - nice one lads.

GTi International 2006

Vanessa Phelps + Time machine = Nikki off big brother

…eradicate all congestion issues, excessive carbon emissions n global warming, rising fuel costs, road rage idiots, casualy racist flags proudly erect, Sierra’s Cavaliers & Rovers with shit bodykits, road-captains, overloaded car parks, red faces, polyester sportswear in public, burning blue, cake tin ‘zorsts, bangin’ techo out of 6×9’s, motorsport mudflaps on crap MPV’s, Council estate touring cars… infact, imagine driving from A to B in the nicest way possible.

It came to me today at about 2pm… tell football fans they NEED a plasma TV, and provide at least 1 televised match per day, preferably with a couple of hours worth of waffle by some really sweaty boring ex-players looking uncomfortable in suits who can’t string a sentence together without the use of overly used clichés and lack of punctuation and plenty of errrrrrr’s n’ backtracking repeating and stating the bleeding obvious - phew! Take a breath. Great! Destroy the fatcats, free football for everyone.

It really was peaceful out there today. I Loved it. However, be warned, do NOT enter town after the match has finished, sheeeeesh.

Other than that, Kebab stained concrete forever.

Pop along to Chatsworth house on the 25th June for a very nice afternoon of trees, grass, sheep, a stately home, and a fair few VW’s old and new.

The Webiste
The Flyer (Download)

g box1
g box2
g box 3

last week i managed to find a 5 speed gearbox with all the trimmings for my little project car.so on monday nite i gave it a good going over with some ali cleaner, a kind of mild acid which really eats into the dirt an grime,and when washed off with a high pressure steamer, and it came out looking a whole lot better. This gave me the enthusiasm to paint it up to a real nice clean factory fresh finish. So tonite i stayed on at work, to see what i could do to brighten things up. Firstly i needed to scrub the gear box with some scotchbrite material to rid it of any left over bits of dirt, and also to key up the surface for some etch primer to be sprayed on. Then i removed anything i could that wasnt supposed to be painted, and masked the rest of the stuff off i didnt want to be silver. Seeing as the evening was really warm in the garage this all dryed off quite quickly. Next came the silver rattle can, and couple of coats later i decided to grab a coffee while it dryed off. The next stage was to put a couple of fine coats of clear lacquer on and leave it for a little while to build up a base coat, before putting some more thicker layers on. This should make it really resistant to chips, and easy to keep clean in the future. i was really pleased with the finished gearbox, it should definatly brighten up the engine bay when its all fitted. Trouble is, now i feel i might have to do the rest of the engine to match!!

Last weekend Lee & Rachel came to stay at mine for a few days. Luckily for us the sun most definatley had his very best hat on too, and we spent a good deal of time just walking about relaxing an catching up on each others latest news.

so on saturday afternoon after a little bit of breakfast at the council cafe on the beach, we headed off for a game of crazy golf at the very testing and updated sandbanks course. Up till hole no.6 it was all very close until Lee had a slip up on crazy craters, the game was now up for the taking. Then after some bad advice from Lee - something about aiming with your elbows?? - Rachel’s game also took a knockback and it seemed the home team was going to be taking all the trophies. However, then somehow Lee, along with his elbow technique, began a full on charge for the lead.

Along came my own worst hole Versuvus, which took me 5 shots to conquer, Rach 10 shots, with Lee calmly sinking his ball in 2, strolling onto the next wondering what the fuss was all about. Like all good games it aint over until the 90th minute or the last over, or in this case the 18th hole. Rachel plonked her ball straight into the club house in 1, myself in 6, and lee decided he wanted to try an put his ball into orbit first, bouncing it all over the course narrowly avoiding all the compettitive Dads an puzzeled kids.

The game finished Lee 1st with 55, Me 2nd on 56 and Rach on 65 in 3rd, who i believe is filing a law suit against Lee because of poor advice halfway through.

crazy golfcrazy golf1crazy golf2crazy golf3

There is something quite nerve wrecking about writing your first post on a blog you have enjoyed reading,but tonite lee and rachel gave me a golden ticket to the central blog!! so i am goona use my first post to say hi to everyone an hopefully i will be able to post some interesting tales about my future project or maybe a weekend where thanx to a slash from guns n roses guitar solo on a nearby tv, i managed to score a strike in a tenth frame to win a bottle of liverpools finest bubbly! i aint kiddin either! anyway i wanna say a big thanx to lee n rach again and i cant wait to start bloggin! see ya!

Person A Hey, we need a name for out gang, we’ve got a few ropey Mk2’s an old Santana and that really nice Mk4 that the quiet guy who nobody speaks to owns.

Person B OK… erm…

Person A Well, just off the top of my head…

Dub Ratz
Coming up Dubs
Dub side of the moon
Dub dub dub
Dub Zero
Dub it in
Clocked Dubs
Dubs 4 U
Dubber Dubs
Dubs pour Homme
The Dub Bandits
Dub Down & Dirty
Dub dudes
Dub junkies

Person C Crackin’ mate, good effort… I’ll get some stickers made up.

Person D :D

SouthYorkshireDubs May 06;

ghetto ibiza

It all started at the Cambelltown train station in Sydney.
Chose the best slightly bent bumper i could find, from the boot of a VR6 SEAT Ibiza.
Took the Ibiza for a spin. Awesome.
Took my newly acquired bumper on a little sight seeing tour of sydney ~

ghetto bump

A week, and 2 flights later, it arrives safely at heathrow.
Get it home on the bus.
After the jetlag, i begin the mission of getting shot of the aussie grot, and start to straighten it out. The endcaps needed some work, so i painted them.
All said and done, it looks like this ~

ghetto fab


How not to spend a Sunday afternoon.

I’ve got a bike, I’ve also got a Caddy and no spare time, so I don’t really ride the bike. It sits there getting in the way, filling the hall, handlebars catching my coat pockets every time I squeeze past. The problem is, its not an ordinary kind of pop to the shops bike that your mum could borrow, It’s a proper, trails bike, made in the USA by S&M, and its beautiful….