Porsche 356b build;


  1. I was mooching about in a very random shop, when this cute little Porsche model caught my eye. It’s one of those proper heavy weight metal ones, with the opening doors and chromed engine, so I couldn’t deny it a new home… especially considering the hand written price label that was attached to the box.

    When I got it home, it was wrestled out of it’s box and sat on the rug to be admired for a moment. Out came a camera, and with it set to take an exposure every 30 seconds, I got down to business immediately and ripped open all those plastic bags full of parts. After the camera had shot 3 frames it became very apparent that I was going to have to get a move on to complete the build in less than 4 million frames.

    In hindsight, building a model from that many components on a sheepskin rug was a really bad idea, as most of the pieces, once freed from temporary confinement, immediately buried themselves into that deep pile pelt.

    Setting up the steering rack was a bit of a struggle, the Latvian instructions didn’t help an awful lot, and the paint is probably seeped in lead, but for a few brief minutes, I had a chipper time sat on the floor building a toy car.

    14:17 / Sun 30.10.05

  2. lol@ sheepskin rug / model building combo!

    00:56 / Sat 26.11.05

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