In preparation for the assault on the States MrRoast has decided upon his weapon of choice. Think Geoff-man from Byker Grove crossed with one of the blokes from Zulu.

Bring it on - an Englishman in Vegas. Viva Zentral Krap!


  1. Holy handlebar Batman… Bum~Bandits~Beware!

    21:14 / Mon 25.09.06

  2. oooh - hark at her!! ;)

    22:11 / Mon 25.09.06

  3. mmmmmmm??? looks to me like the dude outta metalica,when they all cut there barnets,or more concerning is the possibility that you may be in fact visiting the states ,for some village people re-union gig??? “ma..cho!,ma..cho! man……..i want to be….macho man!”

    23:18 / Mon 25.09.06

  4. young-man, you don’t need to feel down…. I said young-man….

    there is a slight whiff of Hetfield in there somewhere

    nacho, nacho-man; I wanna be a nacho man….. mmm nachos….

    23:49 / Mon 25.09.06

  5. aaaaahhhhhhh…….. wat this iv stumbled in to robin!!!!

    19:51 / Wed 27.09.06

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