Hello all - Mr&MrsRoast here with an update from the U.S of A!!

We’re currently in the Apple store off Market St haveing a whale of a time leaving Zentral Krap over as many pooters as poss!

Stay tuned for more action as it comes!


  1. Jammy gits :) I think yr trail of ZK guerilla tactics, left us with a spam comment that slipped through the net, haha

    Good to hear the plane didn’t blow in half on yr way there (you have to have heard daves dream for that one) …. nah seriously, have a great time guys! we deffo wish we were there!

    Don’t forget those subways maps you!

    23:42 / Mon 02.10.06

  2. dullard

    apple store? bleedin hell roast
    17:51 / Tue 03.10.06

  3. Ahhh mother of all pearls!!!! we’re getting spam, and as it might not look the same, it sure damn tastes the same - arrrrgggghhhhh!!!!!!

    20:43 / Tue 03.10.06

  4. hey dude! hope your enjoying yourselves out there,slap a monkey on red for me if ya get down to vegas!!

    hasta la huego!!

    21:39 / Tue 03.10.06

  5. Back again doods. Same place n’all. Cheers Duff (c*nty)!
    Damn those spamm comments hahaha - just spent a load of dosh in Old Navy and am now drooling over 30″ cinema display.

    Hope yall are having a good time in the UK of England.

    Will be back on soon - off on the coastal drive tmoz am.

    Will try and get the subway maps dood!



    20:31 / Thu 05.10.06

  6. Have you purrrrrr-chased a stout set of Garth Marenghi bootz yet? And a 10 Gallon lid with a mini dawg-tawd in its cleft? BuzzZzzZzzz…BuzZZz.

    21:35 / Thu 05.10.06

  7. Yo all! Am in Santa Monica Apple store!! And it’s my birthday - wooo!! (but no laptop though :( )

    Weather is hot hot hot and there are plenty of nutters about. Off to Muscle Beach later for some body pumpin’. Pics in due time ;)

    21:02 / Sun 08.10.06

  8. Happy-Happy-Birthday-Davie-Boy. :D

    No lets see… Dave’s in the Apple store on his birthday… Hmmmm… new fandangle iPod™ by any chance sir? ;)

    08:41 / Mon 09.10.06

  9. Hope you get what you wished for Birthday Boi :D

    08:51 / Mon 09.10.06

  10. happy birthday mr roast!! i can just see you now,being pulled along on roller skates by a pink poodle with your new i pod on as you try to fit in with the freaks at muscle beach! have a great day dude…

    22:10 / Mon 09.10.06

  11. haha - poodle indeed! cheers everyone, however, alas no iPod :( no funds. bleh.
    muscle beach was a bit kak though. no oiled bummers to be seen anywhere!

    off to Vegas tmoz - gonna go the long route via Death Valley - should be cool!!

    Right - more pooters to look at now! more later ;)

    23:53 / Mon 09.10.06

  12. Oiled Bummers


    08:43 / Tue 10.10.06

  13. How y’getting on across the pond dude?

    12:16 / Wed 11.10.06

  14. http://www.clubpolo.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=43288

    22:16 / Wed 11.10.06

  15. Well tis the last day of our trip tmoz and I’m in the Apple store in Laz Vegaz at the moment. All has gone swimmingly (kind of ;)) but everyone will have nice gifts coming to them on our return hehe.

    Stats so far:
    $ won = 7.50
    miles travelled = about 900
    max depth below sea level = -287ft (ish)
    scorpions killed = 1

    well this is probs gonna be the last update - unless i manage a post tmoz night, but will be back in the UKofE on Monday morning.

    Peace be with you all.

    04:30 / Sat 14.10.06

  16. you forgot to mention the amount of time spent in Apple stores™ within yr list!

    Yee-haw, he was a man with eyes shaped like an apple… g’haw… mellon flys.

    See you soon Father David + Sister Sam”ar”tha.

    09:17 / Sat 14.10.06

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