Ok… so I’m driving along on a road test with my new apprentice of 3 weeks, we approach and overtake a slow moving dust cart. This is all fine until my new tea maker goes

“my mate’s a dustman………….he gets to keep whatever he finds”

hmmmm I think?? I can see there may be some gems to be found (I must confess to a certain amount of skip dipping in magazine printers, and VW parts dept’s in my younger days), It was his next remark however, that nearly had me driving into a ditch with shock….

“yeah! he got a fish skin hat one day”


  1. oh crikey, did he manage to find any mutt-hair panties to go with that too?!?

    14:30 / Sun 10.09.06

  2. mutt-hair panites indeed lol

    14:35 / Sun 10.09.06

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